Can MSSQL node connect with tcp database?


I am trying to use a local sql server (SQL Management Studio DB from another PC) on my project. Is there possible to connect sql server via TCP? What node or configuration should I do if can?


I don't use mssql but I would have expected any mssql node to allow connection to a server on the network by providing the ip address. Is that not the case? Which mssql node are you trying (node-red-something probably)?

Yeap, mssql node allow connection to a server using ip address. If I use SQL server from Cloud (Azure, AWS Cloud), they have their own public and private ip. There is no problem to connect with them.
For now, because my SQL Server (not cloud) is inside another local PC. If I need to connect the database I have to use TCP and same wifi. It works on SQL management studio but failed in node-red. So I am finding a way that node-red can connect to DB using tcp.
I am using node-red-contrib-mssql-plus.
Maybe there is another palette I should use on this type of problem?
Here is the example how sql server connect to database through tcp:

You don't need to specify tcp in the server name, it will use TCP anyway. What did you put in for the cloud server? I would expect that you just need whatever name the server machine declares for itself on the network. For a linux machine that would normally be host_name.local (so in your case I guess STEVEN-PC.local) but that may not be right for yours system. I imagine you can probably just put the ip address. What do you put in management studio?