Cannot connect to google “auth worked but profile fetching failed” error

Hi i want to connect to my google calendar so i tried to use the node-red-node-google module but when I try to authenticate with google I get the error message: auth worked but profile fetching failed. I have already google for a solution but the only thing I could find was to check if I had the google+ api enabled but I already had that enabled.

After doing some more research i found that my project is missing the Legacy People API but i also found that that was removed with the original google+ api so what can i use for that now?
ps: I've already tried Google Sign-in and the Google People API

Same issue.
Had it working on an older installation of node-red (2018). Migrated to new Hardware and non same error.

Potential fix waiting as a PR -
If you apply it manually (it's only one line change) please let us know if it works.