Cannot delete Projects <Git Remote>

Hi, I have a project on BitBucket, which I clone down to RPi into the folders as required by the Projects feature, plus add the keys of the project in …/projects/.sshkeys, then start-up Node-RED, which works well.

However, in menu > Projects > Projects Settings > Settings, Git Remotes that was in the code, has additional characters, (which is not in the original project?) - that causes the History / Commit History (“Unable to access remote repository”) not to work.

I then try to delete the Git Remote (bin button), under

menu > Projects > Projects Settings > Settings > Git Remotes,

but then get this error:

An unexpected error occurred:

Error: error: could not lock config file .git/config: Permission denied fatal: could not unset 'branch.master.remote'

code: unexpected_error

Any ideas where to look?

Have a look at the file permissions under ~/.node-red/projects/<name-of-project>/.git

Have you run as root previously? Can't think of any way the permissions would get messed up here.