Can't access dashboard after update

Could this be wireless client isolation by your router?

Most likely it is...but can't access router and have no idea how i could avoid that

If the router is isolating wireless devices and you don't have access to it's settings you have to use ethernet (perhaps only for one device), your mobile router or a VPN service like Tailscale.

I don't think you made it clear if you could access Node-red using the mobile router or Tailscale.

Why don't you ask whoever manages the router why you are having this problem?

I wrote in my first post that I can access it through tailscale :wink: but for now I will be using it with my mobile router, at least i know kind off what was the issue :slight_smile:

It doesn't matter who manages it, because even that person that I'm renting Network from, can't access it.. provider restrictions :confused: