Cant connect to Hue bridge after upgrade

After upgrade of node-red-contrib-huemagic I cant connect to my Hue Bridge anymore,all other flows works. I have also checked the connection key to Hue Bridge API from the server running node-red.

Running the following from cmd on Windows server (2019)
C:\Users\Administrator>node --version && npm --version

Is there anyone who can point me in the correct direction to fix this problem, I'm quit new to Node-red.
Running it on a Windows 2019 have been working for a couple of years

Hi and welcome to the forum.

The screen shot you posted is of the palette manager.

How about you double click on the actual node (hue-magic) and take a screen shot of that?

(It would help if you crop the screen shot to just the side of the node's edit window so we can clearly see what is what with the node.

Yes of course I missed that in the initial post.

Well, I'd guess you need to enter a Worker value.

I don't know what that is or mean, but I'd give that a try.

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According to documentation its says " * New queue worker throttles the number of parallel requests to the bridge to avoid 503 API limit errors (can be configured in the Bridge configuration)"

I tried a few numbers but it still says connection.....
But now I get some error in debug pane ""The light in not yet available. Please wait until HueMagic has established a connection with the bridge or check whether the resource ID in the configuration is valid."

I wonder what "resource ID in the configuration is valid" means

That the worker is red, is indicative that it needs to have a value.

I don't have that node. I hope someone else who has it may be of more help.

Yes, I can try to post on github also, but it is a step forward thanks a lot, now the node is configured correctly

There are several problems with the nodes after the latest hue upgrade it seems. You might want to check here Issues · Foddy/node-red-contrib-huemagic · GitHub ... even if a connection can be established it is not very reliable anymore. both for individual lamps or groups.

Thanks yes it seems very unstable.
If I would like to downgrade to a previous version of a node how is this possible? I mean from a Node-red perspective

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