Can't do auth Setting in Nodered running on LAN network

Hi guys,
I'm running my nodered on docker on a LAN network machine1(ubuntu) and accessing it through another system, machine2(windows), on a browser with http://IP_OF_MACHINE1:1880.
It's working fine but i cannot do authorization settings so the nodered asks for a password on machine2. I've changed the settings.js file accordingly but it still not asking for password.

Can anyone plz help me with this?

Explain how you set the setting file?

Did you get into a terminal on the docker container?
Did you restart the container? Etc

Im running docker on a Linux machine and nodered as a container. I'm accessing Node-red thorugh another machine(windows) with its ip address.
I've changed my setting.js file through linux terminal.

The settings.js file is as follows:

i use "docker restart CONTAINER" for restarting after editing the settings.js file

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