Can't get email on Pi 3 Ubuntu

I have installed node-red-node-mail. I have 2 computers running node-red. When upgrade the Mac I lost data and have to rebuild the flow. So I invested in a Raspberry Pi 3 to get a stabile computer. It works on the Mac but not on the Pi. I get timed out message when I connect to the mail server. I have the same settings on both set-ups. I'm new to Ubuntu and I wonder if there are port settings I have to make?
I couldn't install Palette Manager on Raspberry OS so I'm trying Ubuntu instead.
Anyone running node-red-node-mail on Ubuntu on Pi 3?

What do you mean by that?

npm was never installed on Rasbian OS. I need that for FileMaker nods. But my problem with "time out" is solved. Thanks for interest.

In that case I assume you did not install via the recommended method. Use that method for Ubuntu too.

There was no problem installing npm on Ubuntu. The problem was that the email node get incoming mails, but that is no longer any problem.
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