Cant install nodered-contrib-contexmenu

Hi guys i try to install nodered-contrib-contextmenu , i use Palette Manager and get an error ,

2020-08-25T16:56:36.775Z Install : node-red-contrib-ui-contextmenu 2.0.0

2020-08-25T16:56:36.796Z npm.cmd install --no-audit --no-update-notifier --no-fund --save --save-prefix="~" --production node-red-contrib-ui-contextmenu@2.0.0
2020-08-25T16:56:36.806Z [err] Error: spawn npm.cmd ENOENT
2020-08-25T16:56:36.807Z rc=-4058

here are my versions
Node-RED version : v1.1.3
Node.js version : v12.18.3
npm version : 6.14.6

Thanks in Advance

And what OS are you using? Linux, Windows?

windows 7 64 bits..


@edje11 any advice? how repair ? Thanks

What happens if you go to your .node-red folder and install it manually
npm install node-red-contrib-ui-contextmenu

How did you install nodejs and node-red? I believe the error means that when you try to install from inside node-red that it cannot find npm for some reason.

What account was used to install nodejs and what account is used to run node-red. Same?

Using the account that runs node-red, open a CMD window and enter set - is nodejs in the path?

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npm install node-red-contrib-ui-contextmenu

is executed and this is the result


But i start noreded and go to PALETTE and the contrib contextmenu is not installed,

Did you go to your .node-red folder as suggested before installing it?
Look in the startup log you posted to see where that is.

Also, if you want to avoid the install problem happening again then you must answer the other questions about how you installed node-red and the questions from @Steve-Mcl

@Steve-Mcl yes you i use the same account , i add to path node directory and now can install correctly the contrib-ui-contextmenu , now is visible in the Flow... Thanks very much..

Solution : Path of node directory not included in the Path
Thanks @Steve-Mcl for precise information...