Cant move objects in layout editor

This was posted before from someone else but got no responses, I was able to move the objects around, now I cant. Any thoughts? When I move the cursor to the edge (to resize) it doesnt move anything, it just selects all the text.

which version of the dashboard is this ? Which platform/OS, browser ?
(there should be a resize icon to bottom right

Started project through IBM cloud, resize was working originally, lost that function somewhere along the way.

Windows 10, Firefox

See this as well, since Dash 2.23, NR 1.1.0.

Morning all, got it figured. Somewhere along the way I dropped a ui template into the program. Deleting that did the trick

Hi -interesting... was it a blank one ? or did it have some content that managed to break things ? are you able to share it ?

Scratch that, was able to move things are yesterday, this morning I have the same issue???? Can't resize

Seems to be a browser issue, changed from Firefox to Chrome and I have all functionality back.

I'll mess around with Firefox settings and see if I can get it working there again

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Try disabling all the browser extensions.

How is that to help? Just thinking out loud here. I have seen this on FireFox with no changes to settings from default. When the issue comes and goes... feels like a memory or resource limit? Extensions are client side only. I don't have any additional extensions other than the defaults. If memory or resources use is an issue, seeing this issue on PiZero would be frequent and on a Pi4 rare, right? If the issue is server-side?

Because extensions can mess things up, so when a browser has problems that another does not it is always worth while disabling the extensions in case it is one of those.

You didn't tell us that, it makes it less likely to be an extension obviously.

The browser is client side only. Though I suppose it is just possible that a browser might interact slightly differently with the server, and induce a server problem that another browser does not, but that would be very unusual.

Update to the latest dashboard version before investigating more.

I have not seen the issue recently... since moving to 1.2.6 or so. When it did happen, pretty much the only way I found to clear the issue was to stop/start NR. Not to say it was not a browser issue. There are a couple of other threads in the forum discussing the issue, and I believe I did mention it was inconsistent, and resolution, workaround was to restart NR, in one of the other threads. I don't recall if I saw it on any specific model of Pi, I was doing a lot of NR development on PiZero and Pi3 models at the time. Now most of the flow development I do is on Pi4.

Yes, you may be right. I'm running node red through IBM cloud and get the same issue on Firefox. I found shutting down the browser and starting up again works,or if I switch browsers.

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