Unable to resize/move UI elements in layout view


today I noticed that I'm no longer able to move or resize my ui nodes in the layout view. Last time I checked, maybe a week ago, everything worked fine. This seems to be related to this post.

For me it looks like this

Did anyone encounter a similar problem before and knows how to fix this?

Btw: I'm running Node RED 1.2.2 and my dashboard nodes are on version 2.23.4

Thanks in advance

I just solved the problem myself. There was something wrong with my browser. After a restart everything is working as expected. Sorry for the hassle.

I have experienced the same issue several times as well. And yes, I also had to restart NR to clear the issue. This has happened on Pi devices with sufficient resources (CPU, memory, etc.) so I have not as yet been able to track down the issue.

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