Can't see more flows (after upgrade)

Hi, thanks for help, here is the story:

I've got the SD corrupted, I bought a new one and I cloned there an old SD image I did last months. Node red 0,20 was working with the old flow. Then I start upgrade raspbian, node.js and node red too, cleared mpm cache, but when I've started it the flow was blank. Then I've upgrade all modules, I stopped NR, overwritten the flows_raspberrypi.json with the latest/backupped one (NR versione 1.06) and again it is blank. Where am I wrong?

Start node-red in a terminal and check the name of the flows file, which will be displayed there. I suspect it may not be flows_raspberrypi.json, or will be in a different location. That may be because the host name has changed between the cards, or may be because you have specified the name in settings.js.

Thank you, you guessed it, I renamed the Pi and that's why. Sorry for ask.

No problem, glad to be of help.

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