Can't seem to enable file context storage

I didn't have file context storage enabled so I un-commented my settings to enable it

but getting this warning in log
[warn] Unknown context store 'memory' specified. Using default store.
and my contexts are not being saved
What have I done wrong?

Have you explicitly used memory somewhere in your flows. Try searching for that.

Well not deliberately - how would I search for such a thing?

You can use Search from the menu, or Ctrl-F is the default hot key.

Got a q-gate node that has a field for it but not using it


FOund another one with box ticked but nothing selected

Changed it to default
warning still there on restart
And I'm using flow context in some Blockly nodes

which are transcoded to JS

So nothing leaping out at me :frowning:

Can you export those nodes and see if memory appears in the export?

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What a fine piece of detective work Colin :slight_smile:
The first q-gate (that didn't have saved state selected and field was blank) looked like this with store set to memory

        "id": "f75a09b8711083e7",
        "type": "q-gate",
        "z": "dd7fd44de794158a",
        "name": "",
        "controlTopic": "control",
        "defaultState": "open",
        "openCmd": "open",
        "closeCmd": "close",
        "toggleCmd": "toggle",
        "queueCmd": "queue",
        "defaultCmd": "default",
        "triggerCmd": "trigger",
        "flushCmd": "flush",
        "resetCmd": "reset",
        "peekCmd": "peek",
        "dropCmd": "drop",
        "statusCmd": "status",
        "maxQueueLength": "100",
        "keepNewest": false,
        "qToggle": false,
        "persist": false,
        "storeName": "memory",
        "x": 570,
        "y": 80,
        "wires": [

So I changed it to select saved state - set it default and then un-checked it and warning went away on restart :slight_smile:

and now my flow context is surviving a restart :slight_smile:

Could you submit an issue against the node and link back to this thread for @drmibell to look at please.


Will do - I'll try and see if I can make a PR to set the value to default if no context store is defined


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