Can't start node-red 4 after re-install on pi zero w

Isn't the illegal instruction error related to the wrong node package due to the deprecated pi-z architecture? I posted above about the experimental versions for the older arch.

My other post talks about subsequent errors. Not sure if related or not.

No - it's related to the bcrypt package we updated not having a build for armv6 - so that is the specific package that breaks - so the fix is to not use that version of that package (as we have a failover to a fully js version).

The install script we have uses the unofficial builds for those architectures it needs to - so that is handled already.

(of course there may be other issues and other nodes with issues - but a clean install now works on Pi0, Pi1 etc)


After 5 attempts at the revised install script I finally got NR 4.0 and node.js 20.15.0 on my Pi 1a running RPiOS Legacy Lite. I have zram installed too.

Good grief running NR is a painful experience, even using a browser on a PC!

This Pi has a knackered old Edimax USB wifi dongle.
The times that the install failed were down to network failures on various downloads, eg

npm error network request to failed, reason: Client network socket disconnected before secure TLS connection was established

But the script did not exit on the error, it trudged on to the end (~30 minutes).
Can it be made to test the success of each npm install stage and exit immediately @dceejay?

probably not - as that is all part of the one command to npm install node-red so we are down to what npm will do at that point. After that it optionally install any pi specific nodes etc - so the bulk of the install is all in the one command.

But yes - it failed for me several times due to bad/slow networking also... once I moved on to copper it worked fine (albeit still slow) :slight_smile: