Can't upload .log files to the forum

I see that .log files cannot be uploaded to the forum. I assume that this is a forum setting rather than browser specific. If so is there a good reason that .log files are not permitted? Other than it being the forum default that is.

Was it a big file?

No, if you click the upload button and browse then .log files are not shown, and if you drag a .log file in then it says


This is in Firefox on Ubuntu. I assumed that it was a forum setting.

Just rename it to ,txt :grinning:

edit: .log now added to the list of permitted upload file types

.log hasn't been specifically excluded - it just isn't on the list of common file types that are commonly shared in a forum.

Renaming the file to .txt is an easy workaround and also helps make it clear it's a text file and not some arbitrary or proprietary log file format.

But that may not be intuitive to some users - as we do see from time to time. I'll dig out the setting and see if we can add .log to the list.

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Our language is much too subtle in many ways. You interpreted my question as 'why are log files excluded?' which is a perfectly reasonable way of interpreting it, as 'not permitted' and 'excluded' are effectively the same thing. However what I actually meant was why are log files not included in the permitted list.

Yes, I have come across it a couple of times with the install log, most recently a couple of hours ago. The poster was new and could not paste a large content, but also could not attach the log file. Thanks for making the change.

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