Cant use TLS with AMQP node

Hi there forum,

I am trying to enable TLS for the node-red-contrib-amqp-ack node. I am getting good results when no security is enabled. But when I enable TLS and import the CA cert my node stays on connected status. Any one who has tried or has a solution for it? Please respond

You may need to contact the author as it a contributor node and maybe not widely used.

Sure thanks @dceejay . I will try that meanwhile do you know any way to get persisted data from rabbit mq to nodered using normal mqtt in node?

I don't know exactly what you need to do, but perhaps Retained Topics in MQTT is what you want.

Not kind of that but a persistent queue configured so that once the subscriber is available it would push the data. I achieved this functionality over no secured connections but when I apply the TLS I couldn't receive the data.

This subflow might be helpful if you want to queue messages until they are successfully delivered.

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