Category "Hardware"

I would like to suggest that a new category "Hardware" would be useful for discussing hardware, interfacing, sensors etc. What do others think?


Ah well! No others apart from the likers.

Sorry, I missed your post the first time around. Happy to create the category when I'm next near my laptop to do it. Not sure when that will be now .

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@knolleary, did you forget? :slight_smile:


Now created.


@knolleary Excellent. What is your philosophy on changing categories retroactively? There have been quite a few posts recently on Modbus issues (for example) that might belong in the "hardware" category.

Where appropriate we do move posts. As usual though Modbus itself is (to my mind) more software than hardware - though intimately tied to hardware I grant you... - I was think more along the lines of sensors and how to connect my xyz esp sonoff chip, how to control leds etc.. - but yeah - can move any we feel would benefit.

Just a thought, imagine a set of Nodes primarily developed to support a specific hardware. In what category is it best to place such? In "Share Your Nodes" or in "Hardware"? Related questions & answers could be a mix, starting with assumptions about sw bugs but ending up in wrong handling of the hardware itself. Maybe not a big problem but I can imagine a Node developer/contributer might have to monitor both categories

“Share your...” categories are meant for announcements and gallery of completed works. Hardware (and others) for questions and usual chat.

Where you post is not really important, what you post is :slight_smile:


Agreed, but some of us fall so far behind in our reading :unamused: that having categories can help set priorities. I welcome new (well-defined) categories, if they help turn the General one into more of a "general interest" category and less of a catch-all for things that don't fit elsewhere.

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Very true Mike, I spent a day getting Linux set up on a new Laptop (convertible) and now have to get through lots of new posts.