Change in API? node-red-contrib-netatmo-dashboard not working anymore

Hi Forum,

since Dec 4th Netatmo changed the behaviour of Access- and Refresh-Token. It appears the Netatmo API now requires to use a different refresh_token every time you send a refresh token request. The next token is sent in the request answer, if you use this token in the next request then everything is fine... So you are required to store the next refresh token each time you send a refresh token request, which make a stateless application now a statefull one.

Is there any solution to re-automate the flow with the netatmo-dashboard node?

Have you checked Issues · guidone/node-red-contrib-netatmo-dashboard · GitHub ?

There are open issues around this problem.

Hi, after the change it was also not possible to log in to an app using the Netatmo API on more than one device. As soon as you logged in on a second device, the access token and refresh token on the first device was invalidated and the Netatmo server returned 403, code 2, invalid access token on the first device when requesting weather station data. Refreshing the token on the first device failed with error 400, "invalid_grant".

I could just log into my app from two devices again and also the Node-Red flow is running without an error, so it does indeed look like yesterday's server change was reversed. Nice!

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