Netatmo weather station data


I'm trying to send notification if humidity reported by Netatmo weather station goes below threshold. I only started to play with Node-Red last week and have my lights working according to sun events so far, so this is the second automation with Node-Red for me.

I'm using the Netatmo palette and the "get measurements" function. I have successfully set my account there and identified the station. Couple of things that are not clear for me at the configuration are Scale and Limit.

  1. Limit: I assumed that this should define how many results I want to get. As I want only the latest (i.e. the current) I set it to 1. Interestingly, Even if I set this to 1, with 1h Scale there's more than one result.

  2. Scale: max, 30min, 1h. If I set 1h, does it return average values of the last hour? I noticed that it does return a bit different values depending on the set value. No matter which value I use for scale, none of the returned values are the actual current values.

So could someone explain what do these mean and why do I get wrong values? These values are not even close to the current values measured.




Which netatmo contrib node are you using?




Noticed that if I use scale 1h and dont limit the results count, tge last result is close to the current measurements (at the moment at least) but not the same exactly.



Try node-red-contrib-netatmo-dashboard. That‘s the node I‘m using.

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Thanks! The dashboard was much more understandable and all the values were correct.