Change node is not showing any rules

In the above image change node is not showing any of its rules. It is the same with other nodes such as the string node. What should i do? I have even reinstalled node red and it still couldn't be rectified

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  1. In a terminal window, please stop then start node--red. Then copy the results from when you startup Node-RED till you see 'Started flows' and paste that to a reply.

  2. please export that node and paste the export to a reply.

There should be a +add at the bottom bottom

Also please close your browser window and clear the cache and see if that helps

  1. Bitte stoppen Sie in einem Terminalfenster den Knoten und starten Sie ihn dann. Kopieren Sie dann die Ergebnisse vom Start von Node-RED, bis „Gestartete Flows“ angezeigt wird, und fügen Sie diese in eine Antwort ein.

  2. Bitte exportieren Sie diesen Knoten und fügen Sie den Export in eine Antwort ein.

Unten sollte ein „+add“ stehen

Bitte schließen Sie außerdem Ihr Browserfenster, leeren Sie den Cache und prüfen Sie, ob das hilft

  1. You don't show the beginning of the startup log, That will show the node-red and node.js versions.
  2. You also didn't export the node in question and paste it into a reply
  3. Did flushing the browser caches help?

  1. Sie zeigen nicht den Anfang des Startprotokolls an. Dadurch werden die Versionen „node-red“ und „node.js“ angezeigt.
  2. Sie haben den betreffenden Knoten auch nicht exportiert und in eine Antwort eingefügt
  3. Hat das Leeren der Browser-Caches geholfen?

        "id": "2225344b34a88fe4",
        "type": "change",
        "z": "121013c6a6515061",
        "name": "",
        "rules": [
                "t": "set",
                "p": "payload",
                "pt": "msg",
                "to": "",
                "tot": "str"
        "action": "",
        "property": "",
        "from": "",
        "to": "",
        "reg": false,
        "x": 230,
        "y": 160,
        "wires": [
            [ ]

Clearing the cache didn't work unfortunately

Very odd, when I import your export it shows fine for me. Try importing it back in again and see if the +add shows up.

No. After the import, it is still the same

My next suggestion would be to do an export of all your flows and save to your device (the way you will have a backup of the work you have already done.

Then stop NR and start it with a new flow name

node-red test.flow

then add in a change node and see if it allows you to add rule to the change node.

Have you added any extra nodes to your node-red? I wonder if there is a conflict...

I was also wondering about a conflict. But this thing happened to me, while i was using node red on a VM. The only similarity is, that bot the operating softwares were windows. On the rpi, it is working perfectly. Before a couple of months, Everything was running smoothly on windows. I don't know, when and exactly what happened

Please copy/paste log output rather than screenshot. I want to copy a bit of the startup log but can't. However, note the error message about galaxy-plc. You have two conflicting nodes. Uninstall one of them. It may not be the cause, but you need to sort that anyway.

Now, I am able to see the add button. I just restarted the laptop again. Thank you so much for your help.

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