Missing Node Change


I've installed node red on a RevPi Core3 and updated node-red to the latest version 1.1.3.

But now i see that the change node is missing. Does anyone have a idea why? Because it's a standard node no?

I see it in the node-red node set but's it's not highlighted, is it because rasberry pi doesn't know how to handle the node?

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Can you explain what you mean? Maybe a screenshot?

Any errors in the node-red log when its starts up?

Hi @knolleary,

Here is a screenshot, where you can see that the 3th node is the change node (and is present) but not highlighted.

And i think the next picture is what you mean by the log file at start up?

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That is very strange.

Can you also check the browser's developer console for any errors?

What browser are you using? Can you try accessing the editor from another browser on a different computer?

I checked it from another PC (windows OS and chrome browser) and there i can use the change node.

But if i reopen it on the RevPi core 3 it doen't know the node (browser is the standard browser on the rasberry platform, i don't know the name but it looks like a blue globe with longitude and latitude lines)
I'm not at work anymore so i will check the browser developer console tomorrow.

Try to clear the browser cache or install and use another browser on your RevPi.

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