Chart node input in multiple messages


I am trying to read data from .csv file and input them to a chart node. I am reading the data with a python script trough pythonshell node than putting them trough split node and than converting them to the right format trough function node. The problem is that in the end each scv line is in its own payload so when I input it into the chart node it keeps updating every payload and only the last one remains. I did try to join them with the join node but the values in the output payload become NaN and cant be used. Is there any other way to join the values into one payload ?
(I am a beginner at programming, also sorry for my english)


i am also a beginner so i don't know if it works.

Try to read the file with the File Input Node and then use a function node with a loop to get all values in a json object as payload.

if you use python i think you also need to get all the values in one payload object via a loop like "for each".

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I finally managed to get it working by joining the payloads first than converting them trough a different function. It probably is not the best solution but it works.
If anyone is interested this is how the final payload going to the chart looks like:

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