Chart Y axis adjustment


First time posting. I am trying to be able to change the YMax value of a chart from a UI input. I have got it half working however every time i enter a Y value on the UI it also plots this on the chart.

You should send only msg.ui_control and delete msg.payload


Thanks for your reply, i have corrected this however it does not change the y axis, but it has resolved the chart plotting the numbers.

I have attached a screen shot of the flow ,code and output. Do i need to put reference to the ymax in the cart options?

You forgot to delete the payload property of msg object
And you'll need still return msg object (it is my bad explanation at first reply. sorry)
correct will be : msg should carry only ui_control property

msg.ui_control = {control stuff here}
delete msg.payload
return msg

If the ymax is only thing you'll need to change then it is reasonable to use the change node with move rule configured like this


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Perfect, thank you very much for your help