Check the status of a traffic node


I'd like to know the status of the node-red-contrib-traffic node.

in my case I use it for open or close traffic between a sun sensor and a wind sensor.
So if the wind sensor sends an "open blinds" signal then the sun sensor is blocked about 30min. To show me the real status of the traffic node i need to know the status of it.

Actually i send a signal every 5 sec. into the traffic node and control the outgoing message, but in this case i only can check the open signal not the close signal.

Any ideas however i can solve it? Maybe another node with a status signal ...

Thx in advance


Have you tried the staus node?

May I suggest you try this node instead:


I started off using it but the one I posted is better - I believe.

Never worked with this node before ... perfect.

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