Chromium aw snap error code 9

Hi everyone ,

I have the error ' chromium aw snap error code 9 ' which appears rarely and every time I have to refresh the page of node red Dashboard manually ( By clicking on relaod ), So I thought for a temporary solution that refreshes the page each a period of time until I find the source of the error . The function I found is the following and runs on almost all browsers:

 <script id="reloadScript" type="text/javascript">
     var clockInterval;
     $(function () {
         function reloadPage() {
         clockInterval = setInterval(reloadPage, 30000);

So my question, is it possible to detect the error page that displays the message "chromium aw snap error code 9" and then run the function?

I forgot to mention that the problem appears on Raspberry Pi4 .

Thanks :slight_smile:

Which pi OS version are you running ( cat /etc/os-release )?
Have you updated the pi software by running
sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade
That will make sure you are running the latest chrome for the OS version you are using.

[Edit] I am assuming you are running Chrome on the same machine running node-red.
Also which version of node-red and of node-red-dashboard?

Hi @Colin.

For the OS Version I'm using this :
I didn't updated the software for a while , and as u said I'm running Chromium and node red on the same machine.

Version Node-red : 1.2.9
Version Node-red-dashboard : 2.28.1

So has updated it fixed it?
If not then upgrade the dashboard to the latest version (in fact even if it has fixed it you should do that).
If still no joy then what version of Chromium are you using now?

I didn't did any upgrade yet . My Chromium version is :

The current Buster version is 90, so you are some way behind. Do the updates.

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