Chromium / Raspbian notification

Hi there,

i use node red on my digital kitchen wall calender (which i controll with IKEA tradfri remote... cool idea), but now i want to show a notification in chromium or in front of raspbian ...could someone show me an idea how i can do that?

thx in advance

(if someone want to know how i use an IKEA tradfri remote and a tradfri motion control for this project feel free to ask me )

This node may help - but does have pre-requisites so read the readme

Please do share your project in the projects section, there will be loads of people interested.

it sounds like this is what i want, but i´m not able to show any popup on my raspbian kiosk mode or at the desktop ... maybe you can show or export me a flow which is working? i'm not able to do

If I understood correctly...
It depends on Growl....and Growl is for OS X, means your kitchen tablet has to be an iPad

You could look into the Dashboard, in there you will find the node "notification", it's a pop-up that might be what you are looking for

There certainly used to be growl for other platforms as well. I thought OP was looking for something as OS level rather than having to have dashboard open.

I think that it would be a lot easier to manage via a web overlay rather than an OS notification. That would also have the advantage of being fully cross-platform including mobile.

Doesn't Dashboard have something?

Yes dashboard does have notifications. But as I said , when OP said they want notifications in front of Raspbian then that is at OS level. Both will work.

i do not use the dashboard to show my google calender. I use the kiosk mode from raspbian.
but growl won't work ... what is about the web overlay. how can i create something like that ?

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