Coloured syntax helpers in function node disappeared. Now all code is black

all the code in all my function nodes is all the sudden all black.
I cannot tell exactly from when that happened, but all the coloured code markup has disappeared and the code is now displayed all in black.
I have restarted the node red docker container, but that didnt help.

Possibly related are these error messages in the log:

Platform node has already been set. Overwriting the platform with [object Object].
The kernel 'undefined' for backend 'cpu' is already registered
The kernel 'undefined' for backend 'webgl' is already registered

in some of the function nodes i am loading @tensorflow/tfjs as tf on startup.

what could cause this?

Can you try a different browser? Ok another computer?

Can you look in the browser console - are there any errors?

checked the console and had 80-something errors. I am connecting through a proxy manager running on a raspberry pi. So I connected to the direct IP address of the node red server and the coloured markup showed normal. Then connected again through the proxy and the colours are still there. So all is fine again.Must have been some weird issue with the proxy manager.

Thank you for pointing in the right direction.

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