ComfoAir connection via USB by ID

i have the node-red-comfoair node installed and i really like it!!!

The only thing is, that whenever there is a restart it could be that the comfoair is using a different USB port and i need to go to the code and change it,....

It would be so cool to implement the connection by usb ID to make sure it's alway working correct.

Maybe someone (@coolchip ) of you has an Idea or maybe can implement that in the node.

Thanx really a lot for this nice implementation!

Kind regards,


If you use a Raspberry Pi, you might look at PersistentUSBDevices - Domoticz
For other OS, you may google for persistent USB.


Hi why not use an MQTT node and assign the COM port dynamically?

If you are using something like a Pi or a Linux based OS then, with the device unplugged, run
ls /dev/serail/by-id
then plug the device in and run it again. If you see a new entry, possibly something like

ls /dev/serial/by-id

then you can use that to identify the device, if the node will accept it, so in this case it would be

Jiiiiiiiha! many many thx for that hint! Works perfect!!!!!

While we are talking about that nice NODE,... is there also a way to get all the other Parameters aut of the "P" Menus also?

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