Someone here who used node-red-contrib-udmx?

Hi, thanks for your kind attention,
I need to buy an USB adaptor for this module, the module's author declare it should have USB ID 16c0:05dc to work, he posted the picture but unfortunately no the link to buy the right one and not even the description. Before I buy, wait to receive and notice I just waste money (really it won't be useful for me if it has a different ID) I woud try to figure out if it's the right one.

searching by the pictur only I've found different sellers offering this:
"FTDI FT232RL USB TO DMX512 DMX 512 Controller RS485 Dongle Interface Adapter Converter Cable For Freestyler Lightkey Software"
is it the proper one?

I asked author of module but it doesn't read/reply on github
I wrote all Aliexpress sellers (more than 10) asking if they know or they can plug it for a while on their PC and check in the device manager, I evne sent them instructions how to. From no one I got the answer, they maybe don't have it on hands or they don't understand nothing of PC.
I hope you can help me telling me "yes I bought exactly it and it works", thank you!

Hello. I’m sorry I cannot say that I have bought one and it works.

However did you see this thread on GitHub.

In one of the posts, the author of the software provides 3 links to suggested devices. The 3rd link still seems to work ok.

thank you for answer, I read it in past, I've go a deeper look, there is an Aliexpress link and seams the author published it, so it looks it should work.
Anyway, I would appreciate a feedback of and user here, that bought from Aliexpress. Thanks

I bought what the author suggested, Lixada, let's hope.
I wrote to about 20 different sellers on Aliexpress, no one was able to help me, no one was able to put the adapter on PC and see the ID. That's sad how low is their level, they can just deal with money.
I'll let you know in aout one month.

Anyway, is the module working with recent versions of NR?

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