uDMX / usb issue


I try to make udmx working on my raspberry nr installation.
but i cannot get it to work.

first i installed udmx, without succes. show not found below node

then had contacted the developer, he helped me with an extra instruction to install sudo apt-get install build-essential libudev-dev

same result

then i saw i needed to install it before connecting the usb
so i made a new clean instal but again not found message
when i check the node-red log i goves the messages
[error] [udmx:b43b74cc.dc3b5] Error: LIBUSB_ERROR_ACCESS

surfed around the web and did not find a solution

any one any idea how to get this solved?
the usb id is correct so that should be ok
only thing i found is rights things but my knowledge i to low to understand how and what about this