Not connecting to a usb port

I am attempting to connect to my Ham radio Yaesu FT-891 with node read. I have several programs that are able to connect to the radio. I setup a serial node that reports connected. I used the same settings as flrig uses to connect to the radio. Using the commands from the manual I cannot make any changes to the setting or get any reports back from the radio.

I asked for help on the list on the ham server and got a suggestion that nod red dose not treat a serial port as a USB port.

Is there a node that is used for USB port that I have not found? Is there a setting that is needed for the serial port node to communicate with USB port that I need to set?

Thanks for the Help.

Hello Shanta,

Is it safe to assume that you installed Node-RED in a Windows based computer ? If this is the case do you see a COM port available in Windows device manager ? If yes then Node-RED serial node should be able to connect with the COM port. Keep in mind that you can not use the same COM port, at the same time, with different applications. I guess flrig is an application, right ?

Edit: it would help if you could post a screenshot of the Device manager configuration that shows the COM ports in your system.

Hi Andrel

Thanks for the responce.

No not on a windoz machine. Been out of my world before the turn of the century. Sorry I should have stated rpi os Which is Debian based.

The USB which the Radio is on is /dev/ttyUSB0 The same port successfully used by Flrig program to communicate to the radio.

/dev/ttyUSB0 is connected to my GPS dongle.

I don't use them at the same time.

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According to the manual you need a terminator at the end of each msg. In your case ";"
Are you using this?

Can you share the relevant part of your flow?

you may also need to add "\r" or "\n" to terminate the line... to act as the Enter key...

We are making progress

The first inject changes the frequency on the rig. So I know I am now connected to the rig. I did have to play with the number of characters sent after the FA0. There must be 8. Which is the A register I am assuming FA1 would be the B register.

The second inject should return the frequency the rig is set to in the same format as the frequency change inject. It dose not change the value of the debug.

As you can see the returned value is empty. Both debugs are set to show the whole package.

What is the FT-891 node?

Its the serial in node connected to the FT-891 radio

The serial (USB) in, data coming from the radio.

So it is also /dev/ttyUSB0?

@shantamcbain assuming they are both configured for the same port can you show us how you have configured them?


I added a debug to the FA: inject. It seems debugs can only take one input.

You can connect multiple wires to a debug node.

Show us how you have configured the two serial nodes. Screenshots will do.

And the other one please, and the serial config node

They are the same settings.

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The serial config node, where you set the baud rate etc.

both are set with the same baud rate and stop bits etc.

Do you have two different serial nodes config nodes? If you click on the dropdown how many do you see? They should both be using the same one.

Why won't you post a screenshot of it? I would like to see it.

As I said both in and out are configured the same.

Did you try what @dceejay suggested (add "\r" or "\n") ? You can easily add this character on the same screen where you configure the baud rate.