Communication through tcp/ip to Aubobot

I'm currently connecting from node-red to Aubobot through tcp in node. But after I connected them, it will show an intermittent state of the connection. Does anyone encounter this before?

??? What is that? You need to explain a bit more I'm afraid.

It's an industrial robot, AUBO-i5 robot

It is specified it supports CAN bus communication. Have you considered that?
Have a look here, might be what you are looking for

I just want to show its status, if it's on or off

Then just ping its interface.

I have try ping to the AuboBot's IP address from my laptop continuosly and it is successful. I also try ping from AuboBot to Node-Red 'S IP address, it is successful

Ok, Is that good or bad?

But it shows an intermittent state of connection in node-red

So anyone knows how to solve this?

And then following Steve's suggestions you mention that you can ping it !
Use the Ping node image to do just that.
If you get a reply in ms then it means the bot is powered on.

Or do you need additional information about the device .. not just it being powered on but if its in operation ?

If yes then you have to contact the manufacturer to provide you with the necessary documentation because i browsed through its manual and didnt find any detailed information regarding ethernet / modbus etc

"ENOENT ping command not found"

I get this as a debug message, do you know how can I solve this.
I read other posts saying is because my OS doesn't have that command available, so it won't work.
I using windows on my laptop, while the Aubo robot control panel uses Ubuntu.
I'm running node-red on my laptop.

Thats strange .. for sure the command is there for a windows OS
and you mentioned above that you used the ping command manually without problem.

I didnt find any problem on the forum relating to this for a windows system.

Have you restated node-red after the node installation ?

I'm not really sure how to restart Node-red. Does it mean I need to log out of Node-red and log in again?
If yes, I tried it.
I'm running Node-red in Chrome.
Sorry, I'm quite new here.

Just to clarify .. you are using node-red server from your laptop that is running windows ?

if yes .. then normally you have a Command Prompt open with NR running.
You can use Ctrl-C or close that cmd window to stop Node-RED
and write node-red to run it again

The node-red is accessible through SICK TDCE-D. So I can't run any command on the Command Prompt of my laptop

I see .. so that explains why the ping command may indeed be missing from that linux? based device.

I found an article that explains how to install it if you have access to the device
Ping command not found

but before that its best to consult with your technicians

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