Complete Export and Pallets

I know there are already some posts here in this forum related to this.

But I found them all very old and it doesn't hurt to ask.

Recently I had to install every app I developed on a new server and I saw that the palettes don't go together and that's an extreme problem on the new server.

I know that all the references to the palettes are in the file: package.json

Even so, it doesn't hurt to ask: Is there any way through the interface to make a complete backup including the palettes?

If the system you are copying to is identical to the original (hardware architecture, OS, nodejs version etc) then you should be able to copy the complete .node-red folder across and it should run ok. However, generally, you should copy everything except the node_modules folder. It is then simple to install all required nodes to the palette by going into the .node-red folder and running npm install.

I've posted backup scripts before - they are mostly about doing mutli-level daily/weekly/monthly backups.

What to back up is really simple - at least for a full duplication. Everything in your userDir folder (normally ~/.node-red for the user id running node-red) except for the node_modules folder. As Colin says, that is recreated by running npm install after restoring the backup to a new folder.

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