Config node settings not saved

I am creating my first node with an associated config node. I have used node-red-contrib-influxdb for inspiration and have got most of it working in the editor. The config node dropdown (Create New ...) appears ok and when I say to create a new one it brings up the config page and I can enter details. When I click Update it returns to the parent node config and shows the new config node in the dropdown, though it shows the node type rather than the name I have just given it, and if I go back into the config node setup the fields are all empty. Can anyone suggest what I might have missed that would prevent it from saving the contents? It is probably something glaringly obvious but I can't see it.
I do have some credentials fields in the config if that is relevant.

Why is it that within 5 minutes of posting a question one realises what the problem is? I had setup the ids in the html file as node-input-<property> instead of node-config-input-<property>.

[Edit] and why is there not a solution checkbox on this post for me to tick? Am I not allowed to find the solution to a problem myself or am I going blind as well as doolally?

I also tried to declare a post from me as solution some time ago, but we seem to be not allowed to

I can’t mark it as complete either, though it should be possible. Good to hear you found the solution though.

I can't mark your post as a solution either, perhaps it is something to do with this category.

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