Configurations lost after restart

Good night

Since some time ago I loss the configurations for telegram node (node bot key) and email node (user/pass).

I’m running all latest versions of everything, curiously on telegram node the key appears empty however on the email node is showing a users and some passw but should not be valid, I need to write it down again to make it work.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance

Any idea? I’m getting a bit lost on this

Hi - not sure what the problem you are describing is. Any node with credentials will not show the exact password back to the browser client (we use a dummy of length 8) - as that would be a security no-no - so it may look different length but will be ok - as long as you haven’t actually lost your creds from the back end. But they won’t get lost over a restart.

(Note: the way that the projects feature handles creds is slightly different so you need to follow the instructions to migrate them)

The other (likely) possibility is the system has lost the key to decrypt your credentials so they got wiped. In 0.18.0-0.18.5 (or maybe .6) we would stop your flows in this scenario and require you to manually recover the system. This caused too many complaints so a fix was made to restore the pre0.18 behaviour where it continues to run without your credentials.

If you hadn’t set credentialSecret in your settings file, then it generates a secret and stores it in .config.json under the key _credentialSecret. Something must have happened to your .config.json file for the _credentialSecret to have been lost - and as it was a system generated one, once its gone, its gone.

So you may well have to re-enter your credentials again. But before you do, make sure you have set credentialSecret in your settings file to some known value and then restart Node-RED. That way you will have the key to decrypting your credentials and not rely on the system generated one.

knolleary you were right, don’t ask me exactly how it was to fix it because I made a hundred of movements… what is clear I have recovered my settings.js to a previous one I had as backup, after this and reboot I have to log again all my credentials, I made some reboot again and minor changes and now seems to be solved.

Or I changed something by mistake or something was wrong into there.

The important… is back to work.

Thanks guys