Configuring mapserver locally for worldmap node

I know this question is not very related to Node-Red, but I want to know if anyone has experience in this topic and was able to do this?
According to my scenario, the server not being connected to the internet, I need my map to work locally. I did all the installations and configurations related to the map server, and according to this article, I was able to run a .shp map locally. However, according to the section related to configuring the map server locally in the worldmap document, I do not know exactly what settings to make to connect the world map to the local map. I would be grateful if you could guide me.

Is this just a continuation of Using the world map in offline mode ?

Why are you opening another thread?

In the previous topic, I was not very familiar with how to create a map server and I thought that it would be possible to work with existing docker images. But later on, I realized that tasks such as showing the locations on the map, forming a polygon from several locations, marking on the map and taking the location from it and etc. are difficult and require a lot of coding (for customize it). Meanwhile, the world map is compatible with the map server, and all these tasks are simple if you use the map server. Therefore, I looked for using the map server in local mode to communicate with the world map, and the question raised in this topic is related to this issue, because it has not been discussed in detail in any topic, and I thought maybe someone has done this and could guide me.

Which map server did you end up using? It should give you an example url to load tiles with notation like http://server/{x}/{y}/{z}.png

I used maptiler/tileserver-gl, overv/openstreetmap-tile-server and camptocamp/mapserver . After creating their container, the map was displayed on their port, no problem. But my problem and question is that in order to be able to use them in node-red, I have to use HTTP node because they cannot be used with worldmap node and I lose many of its features when I don't use the worldmap node, like creating a polygon using multiple locations, etc (interacting with the map). That's why I wanted to setup the map server that the worldmap works with locally (according to this) and I had a problem how to connect the world map to the local map server (with configs details like .map file and other requirements).

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