Connect Error with Email-in node


I'm getting a connect error when using email-in node
The username and password are correct and i'm using the 1.6.2 version


Any ideas ?


If you search this forum for "Gmail error" you will find threads that contain things that you can try...

I also tried using the company email address but i'm getting the same result

So what is the error you are getting?

I'm getting Connect Error


I thought with gMail the UserID should be set to your full email address.

I tried that as well and i got the same result :frowning:

What does Node-RED log say?

Nothing There is no message in the debug section

And you are using an application password not your real password ?

The debug panel isn't the log. If you are on a pi type node-red-log in a terminal

I'm using my real password for each email addess i tried so far

You need to use an application password. Available via your google user security menus