Connect to a network from node red


Is there a way to scan and connect to a new network natively in node-red?
I would like to boot the screen into kiosk mode so the operators don't have access to the desktop but can connect through the UI

I assume that you mean a native IP network?

The device should be configured to connect to the network automatically if that is what you want, not Node-RED which will generally be uncaring about the host network unless you put something in your flows that is specific to an individual network (e.g. using manual IP addresses).

Similarly, Kiosk mode is also configured at the device/OS level not Node-RED.

Booting direct into Node-RED is simply a matter of configuring systemd (assuming you are using a Linux device such as a Pi) to start up Node-RED and make that startup dependent on the network being ready. There is an example systemd config file in my alternate installer on my GitHub.

I'm going to build a few of the machines as a off the shelf product and the client needs to be able to connect the pi to their network which will be unknow to me so I need to find a way they can do this without any coding or even leaving the dashboard.
Ideally from the dashboard the client needs to scan the SSID and view available networks then select one and enter the password.
Could you edit the wpa-supplicant file without leaving the node red UI or using the terminal?
I have already setup the pi to boot into full screen kiosk mode

Something like this but this is only the display

Assuming it is the wifi of the node-red server machine (which may not be the same machine that is running the browser) then If you give the user running node red permission to write to the file then you can do it using any of the file access nodes.

For scanning, if there aren't any nodes already in the node red flows library, then you can use an exec node running an appropriate command to do the scan.

You could but it shouldn't be necessary. I think that I would engineer in a "First Run Experience" that lets the customer select the appropriate network on first use (and end the passcode of course) but that then doesn't appear again unless the device is reset. This could be as simple as a dedicated terminal script that lists the networks in sight, allows selection and entry of the passcode.

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