WiFi scan node on the node red

Does wifi scan node helps to collected the information about the access points only ? Or it could show the mac of the connected devices to the APs...???

I don't believe that is possible. If it could then someone could sit outside your house and see what devices you have connected to your wifi.
You will need to get that information from the access point.

" You will need to get that information from the access point" is that possible by node red flow ...?


What is it you are wanting to get/see/know?


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I want to collect the mac address of the mobile phone that connected to the certain WiFi access point .

I think you are doing it the wrong way.

To do that, you use the WAP's web page.

Look at the connected devices and click on the device and get it's properties.


It depends on whether/how the AP makes it available. If it is a router with web i/f you could scrape the web i/f.

Thanks,I understand

You can do a general network scan from a PC or Pi or whatever, but that doesn't separate wired from WiFi unless you allocate a specific set of IP address for WiFi only. Which is probably not possible if you have a domestic combined router/ap.

However, in reality you almost certainly don't need to do that.

It should be sufficient to simply scan the local network (wired and wireless) for devices. The first 1/2 of the MAC address is assigned to a manufacturer so you can usually spot phones quite easily. Often the phone will report back with its name anyway so you can usually spot a specific phone.

There are a couple of ways to do full scans from, lets say, a Pi. You could do an ARP scan or you can use nmap.

I've used both but I prefer nmap. I have a script that runs nmap periodically via CRON (it has to run as root) and outputs to an XML file which is a feature of nmap. The last step of the script is to call a URL which is defined in Node-RED. That triggers a flow that reads the XML file, processes it, outputs the list to MQTT and to a web dashboard (using uibuilder of course). I store the data in a persistent global variable in Node-RED. The web dashboard page lets me edit certain fields in the data.

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yeah, I used raspberry pi as wifi scanner