Connecting a sensor through open vpn to node red

I am new to Node Red. I want to connect two Level transmitters to Node red via internet over open vpn.
The level transmitter output (4-20mA) is coming to a ethernet based data logger (modbus protocol) and finally this logger is connected to a cellular modem. The modem supports open vpn and connection has been established successfully. I have static ip enabled server at my home pc which i want to use for retrieving data.
I don't know how to receive data at node red. Please suggest how to solve my problem.

Are you able to view/receive the data without node-red being involved? I.e. from your home network, can you access the data in the way you've set it up now? If not, focus on that part first. If yes, how do you view/receive them? The how part here is what you'd work on to do the same from Node-RED.

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