Connecting Adafruit to the Mqtt node


Recently, I have been trying to connect the mqtt node on Node-Red to adafruit server. Unfortunately, it is failing to connect although it keeps on trying as shown in the screenshot below. I have configured the node correctly as shown by the following website, but no good. I have updated node red to the latest version and still.

I have a working network connection and my IoT can ping the host url:

Have anybody tried using the adafruit server before or had his/her project working.

P.S: my mqtt node can connect with the localhost server.

Your time and work are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Why did you open a new thread? This is the same question you asked yesterday.

If MQTT works locally then it is an issue with the Adafruit system. Maybe you haven’t set up security correctly. You probably should ask on their forum

Thank you.

It was a problem with the local network permission. The given Adafruit ports were blocked.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Thanks again.