Connection refused

Hi everyone, I'm trying to insert a link (test.local:3456) inside my dashboard but I get the connection refused error.

If I try other links like the node red one as well as test.local:1880 then it shows me


i used the template block and this is the code i wrote.

iframe src="http://test.local:1880/"> /iframe>

(I wrote the code without < because otherwise it wouldn't let me see it here in the forum.)

If I understand correctly, you want an iframe?

Your easiest bet is to use the "node-red-node-ui-iframe" node, it even has options like the page scale and origin built right into the config editor. In the node's config, enter "http://test.local:1880", and assign it to a dashboard tab and group like normal.

tried but still doesn't work

This is the page I need to view:

Did you check that the page loads on a browser on the same machine that is running Node-RED?

It looks like the remote device (the alexa) is not allowing the iframe to connect, it is saying "connection denied by test.local" not "unreachable"

Another thing you could try is setting the origin in the iframe settings to a user agent of a common browser, for example:
"Mozilla/5.0 (platform; rv:geckoversion) Gecko/geckotrail Firefox/firefoxversion"

the page loads both on the local machine and on a machine on the same network.
I tried now to change origin as you told me but the problem persists.
I attach photos:


The problem is:

and resolve temporaly with extension chrome:

but here's how I said it fixes it temporarily, do you happen to know how to make it work without a chrome extension?

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