Connection Timeout Error in node-red-contrib-opcda-client

Hi, everyone
The node works locally but does not work over the network and I always get the "Connection Timeout" error. When I used an Ethernet adapter on the server device, it even ejected the device after a few attempts to connect and it had to be reconnected. I don't think it can be due to the DCOM settings. They should be correct. Can anyone help with that? Has anyone already had this error code and how was it fixed?

I work with:
Softing OPC DA Server
No domain exists

Node Settings:

That would definitely be where I point a finger first.

Have you attempted to access the networked opc server using a client tool to verify connectivity from node-red machine to the OPC server?

You were right. I tried it and it didn't work. So it must be because of the DCOM settings?
Do you have a good template for the DCOM settings?
The DCOM settings only have to be made on the server side, right?

Does your opc server not provide OPC UA connectivity?

What is the OPC server connecting to? PLC? Type ?

No the server has no UA connection. The OPC server is connected to a SIMATIC S7 300.

99.99% of the issues we faced with OPC-DA were actually related to the Host Windows configuration.
Things like: enable DCOM, RPC and user authorization used to be very very annoying to configure.

You could use the s7 nodes instead and get values direct from PLC?

Yes that would work too. It's just a test project, though. Afterwards at the customer, the data is no longer taken from an S7.

I found the problem. It was the antivirus software. It has blocked the OPC data, or rather it has blocked the port via which the OPC data is transmitted. Therefore it worked locally but no longer in the network.
Nevertheless, many thanks for your help.

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