Contrib-s7 installed but not shown in palette

hi ,
we recently installed node-red on siemens iot2000 ,

we installed contrib-s7 modules to read and write data from s71500 series PLC,

we are not found S7 modules in palletes, we checked in manage palaltes menu on the right top button,

it shows contrib-s7 installed

kindly help us..

I think you need to provide some more details about your environment and what you have tried so far.

Where and how did you install the s7 node? In the Node-RED workspace (.node-red), besides the Node-RED application or globally?

Were there any error messages during the install process?

Were there any errors on the console output when starting Node-RED? (Or in the syslog, depending on how you start it)

hi thanks for your reply,

we purchased siemens iot2000 and loaded example image V2.4.0 from siemens website,

after successfully download the images on the sd card and placed it on iot2000 hardware,

we install contrib-s7 as below ,

but we found on the manage pallete menus, it shows contirb-s7 as installed, but pallets not shown s7 button on both input and output

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