Controlling relay module HHC-N8I8OP

Hi guys,
I´m using Node Red for controlling roller shutter and lights, wanted to extend it to control underfloor heating as well. Bought module HHC-N8I8OP, but have no idea how to communicate. I can switch all relays via a software provided by the supplier, but to integrade in my existing system? Any hints for a newbie?
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When you use it with the suppliers s/w are you connecting to it via ethernet?

The data in the link you provided is not well written and it is not immediately clear how to control it. It may be easier to use/modify the s/w provided with it. What UI has the s/w got? What language is it written in?

Hi Colin,
yes the module does have an Ethernet connnection, no Wifi. The relay will switch actuators which control the heating circuits, so using the suppliers SW is not an option ;). Lot of peoples are using this relay already using loxone, I wanted to control it via Node Red.

This is what the SW looks like.

According to the manual you can connect using http get requests or modbus

So there isn't a command line mode you could use from an exec node? Otherwise I think you are just going to have to work out what the API is from their poor documentation and, I guess, use TCP nodes to control it.

Alternatively a quick google search for
HHC-N8I8Op python
Suggested a number of possibilites, including these, which might be useful
GitHub - gabrielgbs97/hhc_n8i8op_mqtt and GitHub - Frankkkkk/python-hhc-n10: Python lib to pilot an HHC-N10 "ethernet relay"

The manual isnt too bad.

Staring from section 5.1, you could easily add a http-request node to access pass it through an XML node and read the status

To set / reset a relay is even simpler...

If you are unfamiliar with using http request node - there are some basic examples in the node-red cookbook (in the node-red site documentation)

also, as pointed out by @E1cid modbus/tcp is also supported - there are Modbus TCP nodes available to install in the palette manager.

I didn't find that one.

Hi guys,
did take some time, but it works now. I had to set the mode of the relay to UDP Service to get feedback too. UDP in & UDP out node are in use, flow is attached, if somebody wants to save time :wink:

Heizung KG.json (23.9 KB)

Regards and many thanks for your contribution.

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