Cookbook Recipes and concrete how to's as a Wiki?

Hi there!

I’am very (very) new to Node Red. At the moment I use fhem for home- and other automation purposes (since 2016). I’ am looking for another software to integrate my home stuff (Radiators, Light, Multimedia, AMP, Harmony, Alert, RSS News to Tablet, Telegram and so on.

The German computer magazine c’t started a series for home automation on Node Red back in 2018 and is maintaining very useful and actual docker images for that on Raspberry Pi. So I decided in January this year to try to switch over to Node Red on a new Raspi (the existing one should run as long, as the new one is still incomplete).

First steps with Node Red last week were successful (integrate a Sonoff Plug with flashed Tasmota and MQTT) :slight_smile:

Next lesson should be make use of AVM Fritzbox Radiator Control or a cul to receive temperature information from simple radio thermometer.

I find it very difficult to find newbie information on things like that. And I wonder if there is something like a wiki, where everyone can place recipes or how-to’s for different “things” with examples, screenshots and so on. Something that I found very helpful with the fhem Software (FHEMWiki or Kategorie:Code Snippets – FHEMWiki ).

I mean not general information. I think there are lot of them and I think, there a very good. I ‘am thinking about information like: “How to integrate a 433 Mhz Plug from InterTechno". What does one need (Hardware), how to integrate the hardware with the Raspi (or any other computer) and some examples, codes snipets, flows etc. to integrate that in Node Red and the dashboard.

Or how can one create his own Dashboard (Design, Layout) etc. How can this be best used on a Tablet…

Does something comparable like that exist? If not, could this be an idea to start something like that? I can image to help to start something like that if there are other people who find that this could be a good idea. Of course, at the moment I can only help with administration…

Does that make sense? Or is it useless or simply not necessary?

Best regards, Fx

Hi @FxFx, welcome to the forum.

The main place to look is - as well as listing all of the available nodes, it is also a place where community members can post example flows.

We also have a cookbook here: - which is intended to be a more curated set of content that is more focussed on specific tasks with the core of Node-RED. It needs lots more content adding - something we really should be promoting to get more involvement from the community.

Thanks you for your immediate response!

I saw the cookbook before i posted my question :wink: I think it is not so helpful for a beginner. And as far es i understood you, you have a similar view on this.

The Link to the flows is helpful und i did not see it (maybe just overlooked). But i would suggest to add more information in this (not sure if this is wanted on that site).

e.g. if i want to add JeeLink to read radio thermometer data, how is this archivied? I may find out by googling around but would be helpful to have such information in one place.

No complains. Just as a suggestion from a beginner (with advanced knowledge about IT in general :wink:

Thanks again!

You could search for JeeLink on the flow library to see what others have done. I see there are two existing flows in the library that mention JeeLink.

I saw that for sure. But that is not what e mean. Just compare that entry to this one (regardless of the language): JeeLink – FHEMWiki

All information (and maybe more) in one place. Everything i need to know to make a specific or suggested hardware work and integrate with Red Node inkl. a working example. That's the idea.

Thanks again, Fx

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