Counting books by weight

Project of opportunity here that demonstrates why I'm so stoked about Node Red.

I was tinkering with load cells and an ESP8266 in the office, and ended up having to count out 500 books into various totals for distribution to classrooms.

These are brand new paperback books with a glossy cover that had a tendency to stick together. I was having trouble being both gentle with the books and having confidence that I was getting a good count. Then it occurred to me that you can't cheat gravity. So I hauled my load cell and ESP out into the dining room, stuck it on a power brick, and asked my daughter to stack ten books on top when I say 'go'. Recalibrated a flow to the weight of the books, relabeled my UI element and deployed the flow. I think this took two minutes.

The scale worked flawlessly. Caught three miscounted piles and gave me a lot more confidence that the rest were counted correctly.



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