Create Dashboard from node red receiving data from cloud through sensors

Hey I am looking for cloud to save the reading of temperature sensor to database
following are the point I wanted to know about the possibility to read the sensor data with NODE Red using Pycom

  • Store the readings in cloud database by using only single stack for every sensor.
  • Read the other sensor readings and compare it with primary sensor stored in database as well as other sensor readings.
  • Update the cloud’s database if there will be any new readings( read by pycom) by any sensor.
  • Create the bar graph for every temp and humidity sensors which represent the readings and warning status also.
  • link the cache to track the records of old data either in spreadsheets or as graphical representation.
  • Share the alert status and also inform the summary of alert status done by application in previous.

Hey this post might help you to be hands on with your queries.

I am also working something on similar to your idea, do let me know if need any help