Create Web Service



Has anyone used the Node Network as a web service?

I already managed to use the node red to consume a WebService.

Now I would like to do the inverse, the Node Red provide some services.

For exemple:



Not quite getting what you have said.

However, if you mean using Node-RED as the service that exposes a web endpoint - then "sort of".

Certainly I've used it internally to my network. But I don't expose it to the Internet for the various, well discussed security reasons. If I were to do that, I would most likely create a separate instance and run it via NGINX as a reverse proxy to provide TLS and authentication.




Basically the idea is this one.

Rotate locally and in case something external needs to ensure the security of access.

But in my case I was able to make the information available via HTTP GET but what I would like to do is create methods. In the image I posted is a calculator where you have the desired operations. That's what I'd like to reproduce.



Apologies, I know that English is not your first language and my Spanish goes no further than ordering the beers and paying the bill I'm afraid. So I'm slightly struggling to understand.

A couple of things to suggest, let me know which (if any) might be helpful.

  • You can create dynamic URL's by using placeholders - that gives you lots of opportunity to have open URL names and you can capture and process the URL as needed? for example /blah/fred/1 /blah/jim/5 you can have any number (open ended) of URL's by defining the placeholders /blah/%name%/%mynumber%

  • If it is the front-end (e.g. browser) UI that you want, you can use things like Dashboard or my uibuilder to build anything you like - such as a specialist calculator - with links to the back-end (Node-RED) which lets you easily exchange information.



Really, the language is not helping much.

I can write in my native language if I find the translation easier.

But basically I wanted to use the component below, in it is added the webservice and configure which method to use: