Creating node with "node_api.h"


this is my first post but I got many help and inspiration by reading this forum before. So I am hopefull to get the right hint here for my problem.

I am writing a custom node that receives messages whose payload containing MIDI data. The node has also a CC-part that includes "node_api.h" and "jack.h" (from the Jack Audio Server API). The node registers as jack-client, so it is able to send the MIDI data to every other (writeable) jack-client. The node also triggers some special actions on special MIDI commands. This "downstream" part works quite well.

Now I want to enable the node also to send data that triggered by other jack-clients or the Jack Audio Server itself (for those who familar with jack something like Transport Start/Stop). I looked around all over the web but I can't find a way to do a real "upstream" with "node_api.h". On my researches I found one way may be to emit an event in the CC-part and to use an eventhandler in the Javascript-part. But, how can I do this? There are many examples that gave an function into the CC-part that is executed there and filled with values from the CC-part. At least this is not what I need, as only the jack-client (= the CC-part) knows when to trigger the event within the Javascript-part (= Node-RED).

I am native german speaking, I hope my question is understandable. Any help is welcome, many thanks in advance!


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