Custom numeric node

I love the node-red dashboard and the ease of producing good looking displays.
My only let-down at present is the numeric node with it's up / down carets, it just doesn't look good against the other controls.
Has anyone seen an enhanced alternative? I've had a good search. I don't want to use slider controls, too bulky and difficult to set accurately.
Have spent 2 days trying to craft something myself, following Pete Scrgills lead but it's defeating me so far.

so what would look good ? any suggestions ?

The existing control works well and all it's options are useful.
I started here

which is a more integrated look although would prefer some solid left and right buttons.
Also would be useful to have a repeat feature on holding a button to increment / decrement.
and ... a facility to delay the output for a number of milliseconds to avoid rapid output actions when a button is pressed multiple times.
If we wanted to go the whole hog then maybe a coloured background bar that progresses with the input value but now 'm just dreaming.
Thanks for asking.